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                    Contact Us


                    The company provides favorable conditions for scientific research and working environment for employees, expert guidance force, in the development of fireproof glass technology and market foundation, comprehensive, forward-looking, practical training of various talents focus, for employees to solve the actual problem ability, experience and creation of occupation development future favorable conditions. Heshan Hengbao fireproof glass works Co., Ltd., and we warmly welcome you to create a common national industry!

                    How to contact:

                    Hong Kong Firepros Fireproof Building Materials Co., Ltd.
                    Add: No. 8, Fumin Industrial Zone, Taoyuan Town, Heshan City, Guangdong
                    Tel: (Headquater) 400 1021 119
                              0086 0750 8218900 8210019 8218929
                    Fax: 0086-750-8216500
                    Website: www.hbglass.net
                    Email: chenwolin@hotmail.com

                    Hong Kong Firepros Fireproof Building Materials Co., Ltd. All righs reserved. Technical support:glass.com.cnbmlink.comlogin

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